Report Overview

The short-term rental (STR) market has been booming over the past few years. While Europe and North America dominate this segment, Asia Pacific is expected to be the most promising market in the coming years primarily because of the increase in tourism over the past few years (with the exception of the pandemic years) owing to conducive macroeconomic and demographic features.

In this report we investigate the industry dynamics with key emphasis on understanding the current ecosystem, user penetration in the market defining the current phase of the industry cycle, demand and supply balance, as well as the current regulatory framework at a country level. In addition, we interviewed five top executives in the STR space to understand the market dynamics and validate our own findings.

The STR market in Asia Pacific is a high potential market which is witnessing a rapid change in the industry dynamics both on the demand and supply end. The next few years will be crucial for the industry shape-up as the market matures.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • The current ecosystem of short-term rentals in Asia Pacific
  • User penetration in top Asian countries
  • Level of domestic and foreign demand
  • Preferred style of real estate in short-term rentals
  • Demand and supply dynamics in the industry
  • Regulatory frameworks at a country level

Executives Interviewed

  • Daniel Rouquette, Managing Director, Villa Finder
  • Eacham Curry, Director, Government and Corporate Affairs, Expedia Group
  • Eugenio Ferrante, Co-Founder, Casa Mia Coliving
  • Jamie Lane, VP of Research, AirDNA
  • Yoav Tourel, Managing Director APAC, Guesty