Report Overview

Wyndham and Choice Hotels are two of the largest asset-light franchisors of hotel rooms in the U.S., with nearly 100% of their portfolios under franchise agreements. Both Wyndham and Choice skew to the midscale and economy chain scales, unlike their more upscale peers Hilton, Marriott and IHG. However, as the major brands look to address the whitespaces in their portfolio and expand into the opportunistic midscale and economy segments, Wyndham and Choice – though the current market leaders in these segments – are now facing more intense competition for share gains in their primary market. 

In this report, we provide a concise 20 chart factbook comparing the key financial metrics and performance indicators of the two largest hoteliers in the midscale market – Wyndham and Choice – such as segment mix by geography and chain scale, unit growth and pipeline, RevPAR, EBITDA margins and valuation. Though the companies are similar in many ways, there are differences in their mix and revenue streams which have defined their respective stock price performances through Covid and into 2023. 

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • A comparison of the key performance indicators of Wyndham and Choice, such as RevPAR, unit growth and EBITDA margin.
  • Wyndham and Choice's current segment mix versus future pipeline to show the long term growth strategies at each company.
  • Stock price performance and valuation of each company.