Skift Research App for Slack

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Stay up to date on the latest from Skift Research with our app for Slack. This easy-to-use integration adds a “Skift Research” channel to your Slack workspace where you can receive alerts about new content on publication, allowing you to more easily connect with your subscription. The Skift Research app for Slack works with individual and multi-user subscriptions.

After installing the Skift Research app for Slack, you’ll be added to the updates channel. Whenever Skift Research releases a new report, the bot will send a message to the channel.

In order for the Skift Research app for Slack to work, Skift stores information about the app bot user unique to your workspace, an encrypted access token for the bot ID, the ID of the channel, and the ID of your Slack team. The app will require your authorization to create and join channels and send messages as the bot.

For more information about our privacy practices, you can find Skift’s privacy policy at

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