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Online Travel

Online Travel Agency Landscape 2021: Southeast Asia

The Southeast Asian Online travel market is hyper-competitive. The industry players strive to strike a fine balance between creating the appropriate inventory mix, appealing price points, and a seamless user interface with adequate localized features to offer a bespoke product basket and carve out a niche for themselves.


The U.S. Hotel Ownership Landscape in 2021

With travelers hitting the road again, it’s more important than ever for hotel owners to be agile with their businesses to ensure success. Ironically for many hoteliers that survived the pandemic, it might be the recovery that does them in.

Sustainability in Travel 2021: Environmental Impact of Hotel and Airline Loyalty Programs

Travel loyalty programs really are frequency programs. As frequency is directly linked to emissions in travel, how can travel companies find environmentally friendly ways to reward its most valuable customers?


Sustainability in Travel 2021: Quantifying Tourism Emissions for Destinations

Tourism is often assumed to be a ‘low Impact and non-consumptive development option,’ primarily because to date greenhouse gas emissions from tourism at a destination level are largely unaccounted for. Destinations have started taking sustainability seriously with growing media pressure and traveler awareness, but have a long way to go to make significant reductions in emissions long-term.

Marketing and Media

Digital Advertising in Travel 2021

Travel companies slashed marketing budgets last year as travel in the majority of the world became an unknown future. Now that the recovery has begun, they need to double down on marketing investment to drive recovery and growth.

Consumer Habits

U.S. Travel Tracker: May 2021 Highlights

In May, 42.% of Americans traveled, 2 percentage points higher than February 2020, before the pandemic hit. The U.S. summer vacation was off to a very promising start.


U.S. Digital Nomad Market Analysis 2021

Digital nomadism is breaking out into the mainstream after years of being available only to a few career paths. This trend is poised to generate hundreds of millions of dollars for the travel industry, in some cases transforming rent into hospitality stays and other travel spend.


Impact of COVID-19 on the Short-Term Rental Market

Short-term or vacation rentals are being touted as the winners of the pandemic, and in many ways the sector is taking big steps to becoming mainstream. But losers are emerging, too, and the impact of the pandemic will reverberate for years to come.


Hotel Direct Booking Outlook in 2021

Despite years of pushing direct booking campaigns, third parties remain a crucial part of hotel distribution strategy. Learn how many bookings each distribution channel delivers, at what cost, and the outlook for direct bookings in this report.


Sustainability in Travel 2021: Environmental Performance of the Six Largest Airlines

Pressure is growing on airlines to reduce their carbon emissions. But how to do that when you burn through gallons of jet fuel? Our analysis found that airlines have made good progress in becoming more fuel efficient, but have a long way to go to make significant reductions in emissions long-term.

Consumer Habits

U.S. Travel Tracker: March 2021 Highlights

The U.S. travel rate jumped to 35.3% in March, marking the biggest two-month increase since travel hit rock bottom in April 2020. With over half of American adults already vaccinated, the summer vacation peak is looking very promising for the travel industry.

Consumer Habits

Pandemic Travel: 2020 U.S. Traveler Deep Dive

Who traveled during the pandemic year? How did they book travel? Where did they stay? How did they get to their destinations? We answer these questions about U.S. travelers by analyzing our aggregated monthly travel tracker survey of 10,000 Americans.