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Deep dives and market research into the dominant players and digital upstarts that shape how consumers buy travel online


U.S. Experiential Traveler Trends 2018: Annual Survey on Traveler Behavior, Motivations and Preferences

The data collected from our second annual Experiential Traveler Survey presents a deep dive into the mindset of the modern traveler. We dig into their values, attitudes, travel behavior, and more.


Key Emerging Outbound Travel Markets 2017

Emerging markets are taking over outbound travel. Economic growth is increasing living standards across the world and outbound travel is growing along. International Travel Expenditure is now shifting from a handful of countries who have historically made up most of the outbound travel to emerging markets.


A Deep Dive Into Priceline’s Competitive Position in Travel 2017

Priceline dominates the online travel industry. It quietly goes about its business and continuously puts up strong results year after year, turning a once-beleaguered near-dot-com-bust into one of the most successful technology companies in the world.


Data Sheet: U.S. High-Income Traveler Survey Results 2017

A data dive into the habits of the U.S. High-Income Traveler. What do they value and what expectations do they have from their travels?

Online Travel

A Deep Dive Into Ctrip and the China Online Travel Market 2017

As the Chinese economy has grown and opened up to the West, both domestic leisure and outbound travel have ramped significantly. At the same time, the country is still in the early stages of moving bookings from offline to online. A growing travel market and increased adoption of online bookings is a potent recipe for growth at Ctrip and the industry as a whole.

Online Travel

The State of Consumer Payments in Travel 2017

The leather wallet is facing increasing competition from digital alternatives. In this report we explore the types of innovations shifting the payments ecosystem and identify how early adopters have been able to leverage new payment systems to drastically cut operating costs while giving consumers a better payment experience.

Online Travel

A Deep Dive Into TripAdvisor’s Competitive Position In Travel 2017

TripAdvisor's bold platform-driven approach to online travel tells us a lot about where the market is headed.


2017 Outlook on Hotel Direct Booking

This report analyzes the state of hotel distribution with a focus on direct booking. Rather than taking the view that it’s a booking war, we believe the landscape is far more nuanced where hotels need to take a holistic approach with their distribution channels. Readers will gain insight from our interviews with over 20 executives across the hotel and online travel ecosystem along with the results from our survey of 370 hotels around the world, which was powered by Skift and Trivago.

Online Travel

European Venture Investment Trends in the Travel Industry 2017

Europe has traditionally been a very active player in travel. Yet lack of funding, market fragmentation and other factors have held it back from producing global corporations. Nevertheless, Europe is finally warming up to the American-style, risk big and risk early venture investment culture that has given birth to so many tech megabrands out of Silicon Valley.

A Deep Dive Into Facebook’s Impact on Travel

Facebook has transformed itself from a social media site into a powerful digital media platform that is now spreading its footprint across the travel industry. Facebook’s ability to dynamically retarget consumers combined with the ads being visual, aspirational, cost-effective, and largely in-app for Facebook’s massive and highly-engaged user base will make the platform an increasingly important tool for the travel industry.


Episode 1: Google’s Reach and Impact on Travel

Google's steady push into the online travel space has deep implications for both established players and aspiring startups.

A Deep Dive Into TripAdvisor’s Competitive Position In Travel 2016

TripAdvisor has managed to insert itself into just about every segment of travel. Like an octopus, its tentacles reach wide from accommodations to restaurant reviews.