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See how tourism boards and destination marketers are speaking to and learning from visitors

Building the Winter Resort of the Future

The winter travel market has been behind the curve compared to the broader travel market, but with recent investments in back-end technology and the embrace of a dynamic pricing marketplace, it is poised to leapfrog and nurture innovations that will enhance the quality of the experience.


The Future of Conventions

The convention of the future is a co-created hybrid mechanism of live and virtual engagement, fluidly connecting more people through more channels over longer periods of time to leverage the collective knowledge of the community.


Content Marketing Trends for Innovative Tourism Boards

Destinations have always been in the content marketing business, but they are now getting more creative in both how content is produced and distributed. Learn how top brands are making engaging, high-quality articles and videos, where they’re placing the content for maximum views, and how they’re measuring the impact of their efforts.


The Big Business of LGBT Travel

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender travel has always existed, but recently mainstream companies have been tailoring campaigns to the demographic. As social and political views in the U.S. evolve and become more accepting of the LGBT community, we see businesses revamping their marketing models to become more inclusive as well.


The Changing Business of Summer Travel

It’s a very good time to be in the U.S. travel industry, with summer forecasts looking sunny -- by every measure. Here’s what you need to know about the summer travel season to make successful decisions for your business.


The Rise of Location Data in Travel

Location data represents an entirely new layer of digital information that travel marketers can utilize to understand potential customers and engage travelers with compelling stories about destinations. The opportunity to use location data is particularly compelling for tourism organizations, which have traditionally served as an intermediary between travelers and local businesses.


The Rise of Destination Marketing Through Movies and TV

Entertainment inspires people to travel. The destinations where movies and television shows are filmed have the potential to attract film tourists with smart, timely marketing.