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Consumer Habits

Get a fuller understanding of how specific consumer segments — millennials, boomers, and others — choose, book, and buy travel

Inbox Strategies: The State of E-Mail Marketing in the Travel Industry

A look at the present — and future — of e-mail marketing for travel brands. From responsive design and targeted sendings, to pushed content and pulling travelers into a fluid cross-channel narrative — e-mail marketers are steering the industry's course toward more reliable conversions, more of the time.


The Rise of the Silent Traveler: Reaching Out to the Mobile-First Travel Consumer

The silent traveler turns to their mobile devices, instead of in-person interaction, for highly personalized responses to in-trip challenges. In this report, we examine the changes that these customers are creating across industry verticals — and we look at the important opportunities they now present to travel brands that can adapt to their dynamic and evolving expectations.


The Rise of the Millennial Traveler

With Millennials expected to soon surpass Boomers in overall travel spending, hotels, booking sites and destination marketing organizations (DMOs) are retooling their product, branding, business models and communication methods. Here’s what they should prepare for.


What the Sharing Economy Means to the Future of Travel

Collaborative consumption, once an idealist niche for hitchhikers and backpackers, has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry thanks to the economic, social and technological changes of the past decade. How can incumbent companies learn from this fast-growing segment of the travel industry?