Report Overview

The pandemic has shifted how we live, work, and travel. Can it ever go back to the way it was? We think not. Skift Research believes that the remote office is here to stay and that this change to how we work will have dramatic ripple effects across the travel industry. Prime amongst them, the rise of the digital nomad. 

Digital nomads were a niche community prior to the pandemic, but we believe this full-time travel lifestyle is poised to go mainstream and bring significant dollars with it. 

This report examines current trends in remote work and what it means for the travel industry. To gain a deeper understanding of how big the potential addressable market is, we select the U.S. for a case study of quantifying the market size and monetary value.  We also provide recommendations for travel companies seeking to tap into this growing population.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • How many Americans are currently working remotely and their prospects for returning to the office
  • Reasons for the rise of digital nomadism
  • Estimated U.S. Digital Nomad market size, population, and room nights
  • Recommendations for building travel businesses around digital nomads