Report Overview

Categories of hotel technology are blending together while hoteliers are still using more tech systems than they know what to do with. Nevertheless, a lack of integration and data fragmentation remain the biggest challenges for the industry. What should be done to overcome the tech challenges and make the right tech investments? Hoteliers should update their technology roadmap to focus on the customer journey — from planning, searching, and booking, to the actual stay at the hotel, and through the post-stay experience. They need to think about technology in terms of how it can enhance the ultimate business goal: provide a wonderful customer experience for guests.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • The hotel tech stack mapped by the customer journey
  • Views on hotel technology from Skift Research’s Tech Vendor, Online Travel Agency (OTA), and Hotel Company Focus Groups
  • Top challenges and areas for improvement in hotel technology
  • Key reasons why the hotel industry is behind from a tech standpoint
  • Estimated market share for major property management systems
  • Hoteliers’ financial budgets and objectives for hotel technology
  • Future expectations for the mapping of the hotel tech stack
  • Practitioner views on data privacy and security
  • Investor areas of focus in the hotel tech space

Executives Interviewed

  • Andrew Arthurs, Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President, Two Roads Hospitality
  • Michael Bennett, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing and Business Development, Cendyn
  • Marco Benvenuti, Co-Founder, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, Duetto
  • Pierre Boettner, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, hospitalityPulse
  • Jeff Bzdawka, Senior Vice President of Global Hotel Technology, Hyatt
  • Susan Spinney Corlett, Vice President, Owner Relations, Expedia Group
  • Mike Ford, Managing Director and Founder, SiteMinder
  • Jos Schaap, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, StayNTouch
  • Brian Kirkland, Chief Technology Officer, Choice Hotels International
  • Daniel Krisch, Senior Director, Oracle Hospitality
  • Terri Miller, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Concilio Labs
  • Pablo O'Brien, Vice President, Marketing, DerbySoft
  • Toni Portmann, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Chairman of the Board, DHISCO
  • Connie Rheams, Vice President, Hospitality, Beekeeper
  • Jeff Robertson, Vice President of Marketing, NAVIS
  • Geoff Ryskamp, Global Head - Hospitality, Travel and Leisure Practice, Medallia
  • Scott Schaedle, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Quore
  • Alex Shashou, Co-Founder and President, ALICE
  • Max Starkov, Founder and Director, HEBS Digital
  • Maximilian Waldmann, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Conichi
  • Scott Watson, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, M3
  • Glenn Wirick, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Pegasus
  • Anonymous, Ace Hotel