Report Overview

The start of a new decade always comes with a collective expectation that the upcoming decade is going to be very different from the one left behind. In many ways this will be the case, but the track record of hotel technology is one of slow progress rather than radical innovation. There is no hotel technology solution that illustrates this better than the property management system (PMS).

But maybe we do actually find ourselves at a truly seminal moment in the history of the hotel PMS as we know it. The disruptions to the incumbent players have steadily increased over the past years, so much so that we are starting to see this coming to a boil now, resulting in some considerable changes in the PMS landscape.

Cloud computing, open APIs, marketplaces, and middleware layers are shaking up this stale corner of hotel tech. This report discusses the history, present, and future developments in the PMS landscape.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • The history of the PMS vendor landscape.
  • What the PMS should and should not do according to industry experts.
  • How different PMS vendors build features in-house or integrate with third-party vendors.
  • Market shares of the largest PMS vendors in terms of hotels and hotel rooms.
  • How technology is changing integrations with PMS vendors through open APIs, marketplaces and middleware layers.
  • How much PMS installation, maintenance, integrations, marketplaces, and middleware layers cost.
  • What the future of the PMS might look like.

Executives Interviewed

  • Ari Andricopoulos – CEO at RoomPriceGenie
  • Rafael Blanes – Vice President of Sales at Cloudbeds
  • Steve Bliekendaal – Business Development Director at Clock Software
  • Ronny Burchhardt – Vice President In-Hotel Experience at Accor
  • Laura Calin – Vice President of Strategy and Solutions Management at Oracle Hospitality
  • Evan Davies – Founder at
  • Ingo Dignas – Co-Founder and CEO at Protel
  • Jeff Edwards – Senior Vice President Global Hotel and Owner Solutions at Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG)
  • Nadim El Manawy – CEO at Arise
  • Omara Fuks – Former Information Systems Manager at Selina
  • Jordan Hollander – Co-Founder and CEO at HotelTechReport
  • Lukas Hughes – Product Lead at Pace
  • Jong Yoon Kim – CEO Online Business at Yanolja
  • Dmitry Koltunov – Chief Technology Officer at ALICE
  • Thomas Landen – Director of Global Partnerships at Revinate
  • Jean Noel Lau Keng Lun – Vice President Product Management at Accor
  • Gautam Lulla – CEO at Pegasus
  • Maria Macree – Sales Manager UK and Europe at RMS
  • Jim Mattson – Senior Partner Technology at ICF Next
  • Andrew Metcalfe – Chief Technology Officer at Guestline
  • Mukund Mohan – Vice President Product Strategy at Infor
  • Alan O’Riordan – Co-Founder at Apaleo
  • Ulrich Pillau – Co-Founder at Apaleo
  • Nick Price – CEO at NetSys Technology, and former CIO at CitizenM
  • Iain Saxton – Senior Vice President Strategist CRS and PMS at Amadeus
  • Jos Schaap – Founder and former CEO at StayNTouch
  • Luis Segredo – CEO at Data Travel (Hapi)
  • Alex Shashou – Co-Founder and President at ALICE
  • David Sjolander – Chief Operating Officer at Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG)
  • Kevin Smith – Senior Director Product Integrations at IDeaS
  • Ben Stephenson – Founder and CEO at Impala
  • Mark Struik – Commercial Director at Postillion Hotels
  • Erik Tengen – Co-Founder at Oaky
  • Krasimir Trapchev – Co-Founder and CEO at Clock Software
  • Linda Vallner – Vice President Business Development at Protel
  • Patrick van der Wardt – Head of Product Strategy PMS at Amadeus
  • Matthijs Welle – CEO at Mews
  • Dai Williams – Chief Growth Officer at SiteMinder