Report Overview

Skift Research’s investigation into the latest changes to the short-term rental sector highlights how there are winners and losers as travel starts to pick up. While a lot is written about the strength of the rental sector over the past year, this report provides a more nuanced view of which segments and players have performed well, and which less so.

This report focuses on three key parts of the short-term rental ecosystem. Firstly, we size the entire booking landscape, and provide our estimates for the size of bookings made through the five largest platforms. Secondly, we discuss the impacts of a professionalizing sector, and highlight two key growth areas as a result: transient business travel, and GDS connectivity. Thirdly, we investigate how the property management tech landscape, which has seen considerable investment in the past years, is changing.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • Skift Research estimates of the short-term rental market size - 2010-2025
  • Split of bookings by online versus offline channels - 2010-2025
  • Gross booking values through the largest five platforms - 2010-2025
  • Industry-wide key performance indicators for 2019-2021, including occupancy rates, booking values, average daily rates, booking windows, and length of stay
  • How supply growth issues impact the largest platforms
  • How professionalization of the sector is speeding up
  • The key business opportunities for property managers as we move out of this crisis
  • Key changes to the vacation rental tech landscape