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The 2017 Digital Transformation Report

by The Skift Team - Nov 2016

This is a truly exciting yet challenging time for consumer-facing brands in travel. The breakneck pace of disruption in mobile computing, social media, digital content creation and content delivery has completely altered the way consumers shop for, book, share and ultimately experience travel.iceberg

What you can expect to read in the report:

  • Detailed results from Skift’s 2017 Digital Transformation in Travel Survey
  • Insights on digital strategy from interviews with leading marketing executives
  • Data and insights on the mindset of today’s digitally-empowered traveler
  • A new framework for understanding digital transformation

The Four Pillars of Digital Transformation



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NOTE: This report was purchased as a single user license and is NOT meant for distribution beyond the intended user. Please contact research@skift.com if you require multiple copies.