Report Overview

Skift Research continues its efforts to help industry professionals better understand their customers. In this report, we provide an insight into the British traveler. The UK is not only one of the largest outbound source markets in the world, the country is also at a pivotal point in its history due to the 2016 Brexit vote, which will undoubtedly have an impact on future travel behavior.

This report provides a better understanding of the UK traveler, with both volume and value data breakdowns for age groups, trip purpose, and travel destinations. While in itself of great interest to those looking to attract UK travelers, the uncertainty about future performance increases the need to fully understand travel demographics and preferences.

The second part of this report focuses on the source of this uncertainty: Brexit. After a brief explanation of the ever-changing situation, we analyze the impact on the travel industry by highlighting three scenarios, all still possible at the time of writing: 1) the UK remains in a single market, 2) the UK leaves the EU with Theresa May’s deal or a similar deal, or 3) the UK leaves the EU without a deal and starts trading under WTO terms. Skift Research proprietary data provides an insight into the possible impact on UK inbound, domestic, and outbound travel for each scenario.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • The number of UK residents who travel and how much the average household spends on travel.
  • Historical time series data on travel volume and value from 2006–2018.
  • Insight into trips and spending broken down by age, trip purpose, and destinations.
  • Key facts about the Brexit process, and how it is forecast to impact the travel industry.
  • 2019–2024 forecast data based on three Brexit scenarios: the UK remains in a single market, the UK leaves the EU with a deal, or the UK leaves the EU without a deal.