Report Overview

Another peak of coronavirus cases seemed to be behind us when we entered August in the U.S. Many universities opened for classes and sent a wave of parents delivering children to campuses. August seemed to be poised to be a minor travel boost from July. Yet the number didn’t change much.

According to our August U.S. travel tracker survey, 36% of Americans traveled in August, barely one percentage point increase from July. This is despite the fact that consumers were less fearful of the virus, with 50% of surveyed consumers saying they were very concerned about the coronavirus, dropping from 57% in July.

In this report, we highlight new trends in travel incidences, consumer sentiments and future travel intents distilled from our August Travel Tracker survey.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • Travel incidences Jan – Aug 2020
  • August travel highlights
  • COVID-19 impacted travel Feb – Aug 2020
  • Changing consumer sentiments on the economic outlook Feb – Sep 2020
  • Changing consumer intent on future travel Apr – Sep 2020