Report Overview

In this report, Skift Research is publishing its 2023-2024 U.S. passenger airline market estimates. Our proprietary estimates aim to provide benchmark data for key metrics of the passenger airline sector. They are based on our analysis of multiple sources, including the Department of Transportation, the Census Bureau, and individual company securities filings.

Other estimates that we present in this report include industry revenue, passenger demand, and yields. They also include operating statistics such as passenger demand (as measured by revenue seat mile), aircraft seat capacity (as measured by available seat miles), and unit revenues (as measured by passenger revenue per available seat mile).

We also discuss some important macroeconomic factors that can hinder the industry’s current rapid expansion. Beyond economic uncertainty, capacity restrictions with labor and supply chain challenges can become severe problems for years to come, despite the industry’s revival and strong pent-up demand.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • U.S. passenger airline market size estimates, 2017–2024F
  • Market shares for all major U.S. air carriers
  • Important operating statistics for the U.S. air industry, including passenger demand, aircraft seat capacity, and unit revenues
  • Macro trends impacting the health of the U.S. airline industry