The Future of Conventions

by Greg Oates + Skift Team - Nov 2014

Skift Research Take

The convention of the future is a co-created hybrid mechanism of live and virtual engagement, fluidly connecting more people through more channels over longer periods of time to leverage the collective knowledge of the community.

Report Overview

Source: William Murphy / Flickr

Source: William Murphy / Flickr

What is the future of conventions and large events? Who are the most innovative thought leaders today in meeting design? Who is blazing new trails in event technology? How are the world’s most forward-thinking tourism bureaus attracting larger percentages of market share in the international convention arena?

This Skift Trends Report incorporates the greatest scope of interviews with convention industry leaders brought together in a long time. They present a cohesive look at the future of the convention industry from both a macro destination level and micro meeting design level.

Savvy veterans and a batch of hungry newcomers are leading the way outside of the “big beige box” convention center to a future where events cease to exist in a singular time and place. Advances in event technology and increasing tech adoption rates are driving new levels of brand engagement and participant reach globally, creating new business relationships on a worldwide stage.

Large and small tourism brands are adapting with new strategies to build growing networks of networks, designed to generate higher levels of communication among more attendees and more stakeholders.

The quest for knowledge—the currency of the future—is fueling these trends. Convention industry players who can satisfy that demand will have a competitive advantage in the knowledge sharing economy.