Report Overview

The core question we address in this report is whether blockchain technology could disrupt or complement the current online hotel distribution space. Numerous reports and articles have now summarized the disruptive potential of blockchain in travel. However, most lightly touch on the various areas where blockchain could permeate into the online travel ecosystem. We believe that the discussion now deserves more focus. In this report, we dive deeper into the hotel distribution value chain, particularly for hotels, to get a better read on the implications of this technology that promises so much. We offer detailed data on hotel distribution mix by channel, current and forward-looking adoption rates of blockchain adoption by the travel industry, advertising spend by channel, how this will likely change over time, and more. We highlight current blockchain initiatives and offer our expert opinion on how travel distribution could get impacted over time.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • The basics of blockchain and how this nascent technology applies to the current travel distribution landscape
  • Learn about the more promising pilot programs and applications of blockchain in travel distribution
  • Gain a detailed understanding of the current hotel distribution landscape including the friction points that blockchain could resolve
  • Learn how the industry is thinking about blockchain in terms of timeline for adoption
  • Learn which hotel distribution channel cost breakout and why hotels choose one or the other

List of Figures

  • Blockchain Timeline for Adoption Real And Perceived
  • Hotel Distribution Share Breakout Across Channels
  • Direct vs. Indirect Customer Acquisition Breakout Among Branded and Independent Hotel Properties
  • Effective Commission Take by Distribution Channel
  • Hotelier Perceptions on What Would be Considered Fair Third-Party Commission Rates
  • Hotelier Satisfaction Rates on Third-Party Data Sharing