Report Overview

Skift Research is introducing a new series of reports that will delve into interesting developments within the aviation industry. Throughout this series, we will explore unique initiatives undertaken by airlines worldwide. Our inaugural report will focus on India’s largest carrier, Indigo.

Indigo has garnered significant attention following its substantial aircraft order at the Paris Airshow in 2023. However, what truly piqued our interest was its firm order of widebody aircraft in 2024, indicating Indigo’s ambition to establish itself as a global airline and ending months of speculation on venturing into international long haul markets.

Will Indigo succeed in this endeavor? Is the Indian aviation market capable of accommodating two major full-service airlines? What challenges exist in international long-haul markets?

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • Growth of India's aviation market
  • How Indigo established itself in the domestic Indian market
  • Indigo’s cost leadership and operational excellence
  • What Indigo needs to figure out for International Long Haul