Report Overview

In Skift Research’s recently published report, The New Era of Food Tourism: Trends and Best Practices for Stakeholders, we defined food tourism as it exists today and looked at the role multiple types of organizations can play in the space. Experts and executives from various sectors have contributed to our report through interviews. To help various stakeholders gain perspectives on what our report topics mean to their specific business, we will release a series of complete interviews complementary to the report. This report includes our interviews with food and beverage executives of two major hotel companies: Marriott International and Jumeirah Group. They talk about how hotels can play a role in food tourism and what they are doing in their respective roles to integrate this trend into their operations.

The transcripts have been edited for brevity and clarity as necessary.

Executives Interviewed

  • Matthew Von Ertfelda, Senior Vice President of Food & Beverage, Global Operations, Marriott International
  • Michael Ellis, Chief Culinary Officer, Jumeirah Group