Report Overview

The shift in consumer behavior towards preferring digital-first interactions, and the desire for convenience and personalization as technology becomes an integral part of our day-to-day lives, has steered the hospitality industry towards the adoption of guest-facing technology.

Hotel operators have made a conscious effort to advance their tech stack to keep up with new customer demands and advanced technologies. According to a recent study by Hotel Technology, 73% of guests surveyed are likely to return to a hotel that meets their technology needs, highlighting the significance of technology in guest satisfaction.

Although slow at first, the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic called attention to the importance of contactless guest-facing solutions, making it imperative for companies to adopt the right technology to create end-to-end digital experiences for guests. While digitalization gained momentum during the pandemic, there is still a lot more potential for growth.

The guest-facing tech landscape is diverse. We have identified 5 categories of tech offerings available for hotel operators namely, Guest Apps and In-Room Tech, Virtual Concierge, Guest Messaging and Chatbots, Digital Check-Ins and Kiosks, and Keyless Entry. Guest Apps and In-Room Technology is the most popular category with the highest market penetration and potential investment in comparison to the Virtual Concierge Software which is the least adopted category. This report provides a detailed discussion of the vendor landscape, market penetration, and market size of each of these tech categories.

Data in this report is accurate as of November 2022. For the latest updated information, Skift Research subscribers can access our Hotel Tech Benchmark dashboard, which is updated periodically as we collect more data from hotel tech vendors.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • Total revenue potential of guest-facing tech solutions
  • Revenue distribution for guest-facing tech vendors
  • Current and future growth potential of each tech category expressed in USD
  • Total market penetration for each tech category
  • Total market penetration for vendors under each tech category basis total number of hotels and hotel rooms they service