Report Overview

Tripadvisor is one of the oldest and most venerated businesses in online travel. It is arguably one of the most influential sites in travel from the consumer perspective. Yet it faces challenges monetizing its user base, even before COVID-19. This is the core conflict at the heart of Tripadvisor: how to deepen supplier relationships to grow revenue and meet financial targets while not ruining the user experience and retaining consumer trust in reviews on its site.

This report dives into Tripadvisor’s core Hotels, Media, and Platform business as well as its newer, but fast-growing Experiences and Dining Platform. We look into the pain caused by Google’s growing metasearch offering and how Tripadvisor is responding. We also refresh our proprietary analysis of Tripadvisor’s competitive positioning in the tours & activities space.

Tripadvisor faces many challenges on the road back to recovery, both from COVID-19 and company specific problems that pre-date the pandemic. But don’t count Tripadvisor out. it will need to dedicate significant resources, but we believe it is possible for Tripadvisor to return to the position of strength it used to hold.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • An understanding of Tripadvisor’s segments and their contribution to growth and profit.
  • The growth challenges the company faces and how it plans to overcome them.
  • The changing market share of Google’s metasearch and how it is displacing Tripadvisor.
  • A proprietary analysis of tour inventory on Tripadvisor’s platform and how that compares with competitors.