Report Overview

The disruption of the pandemic means not only less travel, but also different travel. How have people traveled in the past two years? What are the changes? Will the changes last when the pandemic is over? And what are the new inspirations for people when they can finally travel freely again?

We conducted our 2022 Traveler Survey to understand these crucial questions as we prepare for a full travel recovery. We surveyed travelers from five major tourism markets —the U.S., UK, Australia, China and India—to get a global perspective, especially given the varying levels of travel restrictions and governmental and individual responses during the past two years.

This data-intensive report presents and analyzes the findings from this survey, delving into all major components of the global tourism industry—outbound travel, accommodation, transportation, destination, and tourism activities. For each component, we reveal key trends pre-, during-pandemic and explore potential changes and shifts post-pandemic, from both global and country-specific perspectives.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • Economic Outlook
  • Travel Rate, Frequency and Purpose
  • Outbound Travel Trends and Shifts
  • Accommodation Types and Shifts
  • Transportation Types and Shifts
  • Destination Considerations and Shifts
  • Activity and Inspiration Trends and Shifts