Travel’s Path Forward Webinar: U.S. Consumer Sentiment

Skift Research Take

Join Skift Research for this Travel’s Path Forward: Consumer Sentiment webinar as we discuss findings on how COVID-19 is impacting travel at the moment and what American consumers are thinking about for their future travel when the outbreak is finally behind them.

One of the biggest questions still lingering as much of the world remains in crisis, while certain parts being to re-open, is: when will people start to travel again? Not to mention, how will they travel and where will they go? Tracking consumer sentiment is a primary way to understand these questions, keep track of shifting behaviors and attitudes as and when they are shaped, and then consider the pathways to both short-term and long-term recovery solutions.

What You'll Learn From This Webinar

  • Highlights of our March Tracker report and sneak peek of April’s Tracker
  • COVID-19 related trip changes in March and April
  • Economic and travel sentiments and insight into when consumers will start travel
  • How might COVID-19 shift travel behavior around stays, transportation, and destinations.
  • A look into how new types of consumer segmentation might emerge after the outbreak

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