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Market Estimates and Forecasts

Proprietary estimates and forecasts on total travel market and individual sectors; market size and share of top companies within each sector; traveler size and profile by country

Consumer Habits

UK Traveler Profile and Key Statistics: The Brexit Effect

The UK is an important contributor to global travel, but the uncertainty over Brexit will impact its place in the world and its residents’ willingness to spend on international vacations. The questions are just how and where the impact will be felt most.


European Union Accommodation Sector: Skift Research Estimates 2019

The European Union is the largest tourism destination in the world. Its accommodation sector is critical infrastructure supporting all of those travelers. Understand what shifts are taking place not just at the top level but also across subsectors, countries, and companies.

Consumer Habits

U.S. Traveler Profile and Key Statistics

The U.S. is one of the most diverse countries in the world and its residents' travel habits reflect that. That makes studying different demographics and travel spending categories key to understanding the American traveler.

Global Travel Economics 2019-2029

As many as four out of the next five new outbound travelers in the next decade could come from the emerging world. Are you prepared for the center of gravity in travel to shift?


U.S. Accommodation Sector: Skift Research Estimates 2019

As one of the largest travel sectors, accommodations will continue to grow as travel becomes an even more integral part of consumer lifestyles. Yet it remains to be seen if the disruption from alternative accommodations will fundamentally shake up the entire sector.

Online Travel

Online Travel Agency Briefing: Highlights of Booking Holdings’ and Expedia Group’s 2018 Earnings

There's a reason we love earnings season: lot's of interesting new company data points.


U.S. Airline Sector: Skift Research Estimates 2019

Want to understand the U.S airline industry, but short on time? Our proprietary estimates will allow you to understand how the the market is changing, which airlines are growing fastest, and the most important operational metrics at a glance.


Skift Global Travel Economy Outlook 2019

As we wrap up 2018, our latest Skift Research report dives into what went well this year and what we can expect heading into 2019. Looking ahead, we expect another strong year of economic growth, with a few different puts and takes, which should translate well for the travel industry.

Online Travel

The State of India Outbound Travel 2018

The India outbound travel market is poised to boom in a matter of years. The global travel industry needs to make itself aware of this market and why it matters now, so they’re not scrambling to catch up later.


The State of Tours and Activities 2018

Optimizing a fragmented and traditionally offline model is obviously going to take time. However, we expect key players in the tours and activities space to increasingly try new strategies not only to increase scale, access to distribution, and consumer reach, but also to enhance in-destination experiences for travelers and locals alike.


Room for Optimism: 2018 Global Travel Market Outlook

There is room for optimism heading into 2018 for the global travel industry. Emerging and developing markets are showing healthy signs of growth, and global consumer and business confidence is high. Policy uncertainty and geopolitical tensions can’t be ignored, but outside of any major shock, we expect travel to benefit from a solid year of macroeconomic growth in 2018.


Key Emerging Outbound Travel Markets 2017

Emerging markets are taking over outbound travel. Economic growth is increasing living standards across the world and outbound travel is growing along. International Travel Expenditure is now shifting from a handful of countries who have historically made up most of the outbound travel to emerging markets.