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Consumer Insights

Consumer trends and changes, including proprietary consumer surveys, country-specific and topic-specific deep-dives and best practices 

Mobile First and the Silent Traveler in 2015

In this study, we look at what silent travelers are doing, where they are going, and how they are getting there. What can brands do to reach them in-trip and at-destination? This report dives into demographics, travel trends, and best practices for seeking the often younger, tech-savvy, and business/leisure-combining travel consumer.


Content Marketing Trends for Innovative Tourism Boards

Destinations have always been in the content marketing business, but they are now getting more creative in both how content is produced and distributed. Learn how top brands are making engaging, high-quality articles and videos, where they’re placing the content for maximum views, and how they’re measuring the impact of their efforts.


The Big Business of LGBT Travel

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender travel has always existed, but recently mainstream companies have been tailoring campaigns to the demographic. As social and political views in the U.S. evolve and become more accepting of the LGBT community, we see businesses revamping their marketing models to become more inclusive as well.


The Rise of the Silent Traveler: Reaching Out to the Mobile-First Travel Consumer

The silent traveler turns to their mobile devices, instead of in-person interaction, for highly personalized responses to in-trip challenges. In this report, we examine the changes that these customers are creating across industry verticals — and we look at the important opportunities they now present to travel brands that can adapt to their dynamic and evolving expectations.


The Changing Business of Summer Travel

It’s a very good time to be in the U.S. travel industry, with summer forecasts looking sunny -- by every measure. Here’s what you need to know about the summer travel season to make successful decisions for your business.


The Rise of Female Business Travelers

Female business travelers make up a large share of the Business Travel Market, controlling 60% of U.S. wealth and influencing 85% purchasing decisions. They are high-tech, connected, and social and represent 58% of online sales. To get maintain their competitive edge, travel brands must start focusing their campaigns to better target women.


The Reinvention of Airline and Hotel Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs have become a multi-billion dollar revenue stream for travel companies, yet this success has come at the expense of their original purpose: forging stronger connections with customers. How can marketers capitalize on new innovations in technology and shifts in traveler behavior to build more genuine customer loyalty and larger profits in the future?


The Rise of the Millennial Traveler

With Millennials expected to soon surpass Boomers in overall travel spending, hotels, booking sites and destination marketing organizations (DMOs) are retooling their product, branding, business models and communication methods. Here’s what they should prepare for.


Content Marketing Trends in the Travel Industry

Today’s travelers are not as swayed by traditional advertising as they once were. Travel marketers need to inspire and engage customers through content marketing long before they even begin to plan their trips.