Venture Investment Trends in the Travel Industry 2015

by Colin Gibbs + Skift Team - Oct 2015

Skift Research Take

A handful of major disruptive companies in travel and hospitality are enjoying sky-high valuations as they secure late-round funding, while an ever-increasing number of newer startups are vying for investment capital as they target more specific markets. Learn about the trends that are driving venture funding in travel, and what startups need to know as they vie to secure the capital necessary for their growth.

Report Overview

The year has seen the continuation of some major trends in venture capital funding for travel-industry businesses, including a focus on the sharing economy and the ever-increasing importance of mobile apps and websites. The market has also seen the emergence of newer developments such as the use of analytics to leverage big data and the rise of emerging markets.

It’s crucial that startups, established players and investors in the travel and hospitality industry understand these trends. This Skift Trends Report presents interviews with Henry Harteveldt of the Atmosphere Research Group and Abrar Ahmad of Travel Capitalist Ventures. It also includes a case study of Inspirato, a 4-year-old luxury vacation club, to highlight and analyze major developments in the travel industry over the last year.

This report examines developments in online travel including the growing stature of emerging markets, the ever-expanding sharing economy and increasing role mobile apps and websites are playing for consumers around the world. It also outlines insights and strategies for startups looking to raise money in a fast-changing marketplace.