Report Overview

India has all the components necessary to become a formidable outbound travel market. Boasting the world’s second-largest population and the fastest-growing major economy, we are already seeing signs of this market’s power, as well as signals that the real growth is yet to come. In this report, we provide a closer look at the India outbound travel market. First, we provide an overview of the market by the numbers, currently, and looking into the future. Then we examine the key factors that are driving the market’s growth. Next, we dig into the behaviors and preferences of Indian consumers and travelers, starting with those related to technology, and then zooming into travel-specific trends, pointing out disparities between urban and rural regions. Finally, we provide examples of ways that travel brands and destinations around the world are laying the groundwork and forming strategic partnerships in an effort to capture a share of this growing market.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • Market size and expenditures of Indian outbound travelers
  • Key factors driving the growth of the Indian outbound travel market
  • Technology adoption and use trends in India and how they are shaping the travel market
  • Trends in the travel behavior and preferences of Indian travelers, from booking methods to destinations
  • How global travel brands and destinations are laying the groundwork and forming strategic partnerships to prepare for market’s boom

Executives Interviewed

  • Deep Kalra - Founder, Chairman, and Group CEO, MakeMyTrip
  • Apurva Chamaria - Chief Revenue Officer, RateGain