The Rise of the New Connected Cruise

by Matt Hannafin + Skift Team - Apr 2014

Skift Research Take

By satisfying guest expectations, maintaining sustainable ROIs, and predicting future trends and consumer demands, the new cruise lines are using technology and IT to meet guest expectations for 24/7 connectivity. Read interviews with CIOs of Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean Cruises, and Carnival Corporation.

Report Overview

Water, water everywhere . . . and not a cell tower in sight. For cruise lines, the past 15 years have been a period of constant evolution around customer-facing communications and information technologies. Rapid advances in hardware and software have coupled with light speed consumer adoption of these technologies to produce a wholesale cultural paradigm shift: from a pay phone in every neighborhood to a smartphone in every pocket, in the blink of an historical eye. Where travelers once boarded cruise ships with the expectation of complete communications blackout from their daily lives, they now board with the expectation of total 24/7 connectivity — never mind that they’re bobbing on the ocean, hundreds of miles beyond range of the nearest networks.