Snapchat and Instagram Strategies for Travel Brands

by Eileen Gunn, Dave Montali + Skift Team - Oct 2016

Skift Research Take

Instagram and Snapchat have exploded in recent years; the user base is certainly there but at the same time, they leave something to be desired for advertisers. Visual content is also a challenge on the production side. How travel brands leverage both branded and user generated content to engage potential customers will vary. One certainty is that travel should continue to experiment with visual content and the platforms that attract millions.

Report Overview

This report looks at travel marketing and customer engagement strategies for Instagram and Snapchat. Social media platforms are quickly diversifying their user content formats and functionality beyond the original peer network engagement usage. Today’s platforms are also used for shopping, product research, communication via messaging, navigation and other functions. And the more time travel consumers spend on these platforms, the more data and information marketers can use to target their customer base.

Pictures and video are also quickly becoming the default format through which social media users communicate; Instagram and Snapchat are the trending leaders in visual content. Both platforms have grown fast — Instagram is now bigger than Twitter by some measures and tiny Snapchat claims more video views than giant Facebook. The traffic is there but these platforms also seemed to have been designed to actively discourage marketing. Their audiences are too desirable for marketers to stay away — and of course they need to monetize—so some of those built-in hurdles are now coming down.