Report Overview

We are excited to present a limited edition e-book published by Skift Research, and it's only $50. It's a lighter read than our standard deep dives but packed with the same interesting stats, graphs, and actionable takeaways that you have come to expect from us.

Why should travel executives study Amazon?

For starters, to understand the business strategies that transformed a humble bookseller into one of the most successful companies in the world today. Skift Research distills four lessons from Amazon’s model that we believe can apply to travel companies large and small.

Next, travel leaders need to understand the risks that Amazon poses to their companies. Amazon’s impact on the travel industry has been surprisingly small to date but it seems unlikely to us to stay that way for long. Past industries that were too slow to recognize the Amazon threat have paid a steep price.

Finally, Amazon represents a new set of opportunities for travel to redefine itself and open new avenues of growth. Could Amazon’s nascent advertising business provide the travel industry with much needed leverage against the Google and Facebook duopoly? What about the impact of voice-enabled and other smart devices?

Our latest e-book on the Amazon Factor in Travel examines all three sides of this equation: lessons, threats, and opportunities. Amazon has the potential to impact your business, no matter what part of the travel industry you are in. Wait to react until Amazon has moved first, and it will be too late.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • Four lessons that the travel industry can learn by breaking down Amazon’s business model
  • The history of Amazon's past interest in travel
  • Opportunities for Amazon to directly compete with travel incumbents
  • Obstacles that the company will have to overcome to be successful in travel
  • A closer look at Amazon’s little-known, but rapidly growing, advertising business
  • Thoughts on what voice assistants and smart devices could mean for the future of travel