Health and Wellness in the Travel Industry

by Lucy Maher + Skift Team - Mar 2015

Skift Research Take

Staying fit and eating well on the road is important to a growing number of travelers, causing airports, hotels and spas to create better options for those seeking to integrate healthy habits into their journeys.

Report Overview

The question for travelers used to be: Business or Pleasure? Today, there’s a third answer: Wellness.

That’s because a growing number of folks that travel are seeking to integrate healthy eating, fitness and mind-body habits into their journeys, be it gluten-free dining options at airports to Vitamin C showers and yoga mat-outfitted hotel rooms. Even spa destinations known for health-focused programming are upping their game with amenities tailored specifically for busy executives and families. What’s more, a new travel segment focused exclusively on immersive Yoga travel developed around them.

In order to compete for the attention and dollars of these healthy-minded travelers, those in the tourism and hospitality industry need to understand the amenities they demand and deliver on them along every step of their journey.