Report Overview

This report highlights recent and historical funding trends in Europe’s turbulent travel technology startup scene. Despite an uncertain geopolitical and economic climate, the travel industry in Europe continues to attract new funding rounds with some successful exits. The recent acquisitions of Skyscanner by Ctrip Holdings and Momondo Group by Priceline highlighted an appetite on behalf of global players for European travel tech brands.

Overall, Europe’s funding has been capped due to venture capital being considered a risky investment. The funding that has flown toward the continent remains mostly concentrated within the trio of well-established tech hubs in London, Paris and Berlin. In this context, smaller cities have also gained traction as cheaper alternatives to the gateway cities, particularly as Europe’s entrepreneurial culture matures. The accompanying dataset illustrates the discrepancies between European capitals when it comes to funding in travel, and lists the largest travel companies founded in Europe during the 21st century.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • Overview of Europe's Travel Tech Landscape
  • Sources of Venture Capital in Europe
  • Exits and M&A in Europe
  • The Rise of New European Travel Tech Hubs
  • Data Dive into European Travel Funding Rounds

Executives Interviewed

  • Naren Shaam, CEO of GoEuro
  • Maximilian Waldmann, CEO of conichi
  • Morgann Lesne, Partner at Cambon Partners
  • David Soskin, Partner and Co-Founder at HOWZAT Partners
  • Sean Seton-Rogers, Partner at PROfounders Capital

List of Figures

  • Downloadable Excel Data Sheet
  • The Digital Single Market
  • Brexit's Impact on Entrepreneurs
  • Europe's Regulatory Climate
  • Startup Employment in Europe
  • VC Deals U.S. Vs. Europe
  • Travel Funding by City
  • Share of Travel Funding by Country