Report Overview

Digitalization is not a hype and is here to stay. For travel marketers who want to reach their target audience, this means continued shift to digital channels for marketing campaigns, if they haven’t already done so. What’s more, consumer data enabled and enriched by digital channels and technologies makes it possible to connect online and offline consumer activities, map the whole consumer journey and increase marketing performance of offline campaigns. Yet, questions still remain on what’s the perfect marketing and media mix and what can be done to optimize marketing performance. To help address these questions, Skfit Research conducted a survey of marketing professionals across various travel sectors. This report presents major findings from the survey and analyzes relevant trends that lead to better campaign executions. Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and other decision makers responsible for marketing strategies to drive growth or specific marketing tactics can use this report to see how your company stacks up against peers, identify gaps, and optimize for better results.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • How travel companies allocate marketing budget between paid media, marketing technology, and third-party services and what’s the shift for 2019
  • What is a typical media mix among travel marketers and how does that compare with other industries
  • How much travel companies spend on each digital format such as search and social and what’s expected to change in 2019
  • Marketers’ ratings of ad effectiveness in delivering ROIs for major media channels and formats and strategies to optimize performance
  • How travel companies structure their digital advertising teams and its impact on multichannel and attribution marketing adoption
  • Advertising allocation based on customer journey
  • Top marketing priorities and challenges for 2019
  • Highlights of marketing and advertising budget variations across different travel sectors and company sizes
  • Skift’s recommendations on strategic and tactical focuses to optimize ad performance and drive growth