Report Overview

In this report, we’ll take a close look at two key areas of the destination marketing organization (DMO) landscape in 2018. First, we’ll examine the evolving role of the DMO, particularly with regard to the shift from purely driving visitor numbers to more comprehensive brand and image management. We’ll also look into one of the biggest challenges DMOs currently face: attracting repeat visitors, and see how successful DMOs are campaigning to get travelers to come back time and time again. Finally, we will touch on what has changed since our last in-depth look into the space, with a focus on three key areas: content marketing, organizational structures/funding, and the role of data in marketing and attribution.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • An examination of how DMOs are evolving, from marketers to destination brand managers
  • How overtourism (or the possibility thereof) impacts DMOs
  • The importance of repeat visitors, and how DMOs can get people to keep coming back
  • A look at trends in content marketing, particularly video and interactive campaigns
  • How data can help DMOs ramp up their marketing and attribution efforts at every step of the customer journey