A Deep Dive Into Trip.com Group 2020

by Seth Borko + Skift Team - Oct 2020

Skift Research Take

China is like no other place on Earth and Trip.com is like no other online travel agency. It offers lessons on how to build an industry-leading business and how to respond to our deepest crisis ever.

Report Overview

China’s Trip.com, or as you more likely know it, Ctrip, is the world’s largest online booking site with more than $129 billion of travel sold in 2019. That’s fitting for the premier travel agency in the world’s largest outbound travel market.

This is a business everyone in travel needs to understand. If you haven’t bumped up against Trip.com yet, you almost certainly will at some point. it has big ambitions to expand internationally and that’s still the case even after the devastating impact of Covid-19.

Trip.com is unlike any U.S. or European booking site you may be familiar with, having built a complex web of strategic investments and partnerships throughout China and across the globe. It is mobile-first and offers a connected trip across a diverse range of products.

Deciphering Trip.com also offers insights into what the post-Covid world of travel will look like as China recovers faster than the rest of us. Here’s a hint: it features outside-the-box marketing campaigns and more business travel than you might expect.

Trip.com offers us a lesson in optimism and new growth, even after the industry’s worst even crisis.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • Trip.com’s business structure, including key segments and growth rates.
  • How Trip.com stacks up to its global peers, Expedia Group and Booking Holdings.
  • A detailed look into Trip.com’s complicated network of strategic investments, partnerships, and subsidiaries.
  • Trip.com’s international and domestic growth strategies.
  • The ways Trip.com has been impacted by COVID-19 and how it is responding to gain market share and return to growth.