Report Overview

Airbnb revolutionized, arguably, the entire accommodations industry and the way people think about travel stays. Today, the company has over 5 million listings in 81,000 cities across 191 countries and what we estimate to be a 14% market share of alternative accommodations bookings. At the same time, the company continues to expand and disrupt other segments, entering tours and activities, boutique hotels, restaurant reservations, even licensing its name in the running of apartment buildings. In this report, we assess a few key areas of focus and controversy for the company: increasing regulation, the company’s potential impact on local housing markets, and the company’s evolving role in hotels and accommodation distribution. As the company heads towards a potential IPO in 2019, Airbnb clearly has a lot of work to do. Nevertheless, the company’s ability to shift and disrupt the way the industry thinks about accommodation and travel is a force to be reckoned with, and its economic and financial impact can no longer be ignored.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • An overview of Airbnb by the numbers: Listings, guest arrivals, bookings, and revenues
  • A comparison of Airbnb and peers in the travel industry: Listings, sales, and valuation
  • A barometer analysis of the regulatory environment in 10 of Airbnb’s key markets
  • The total economic benefit of Airbnb in 10 of the company’s key markets
  • An analysis probing the impact of Airbnb on housing and rent prices in 50 U.S. zip codes
  • An assessment of Airbnb’s impact to hotel performance: An opportunity for hotels
  • A description of other areas of strength for the company
  • A complete Airbnb revenue model
  • Skift Research forecasts for bookings, sales, earnings, and valuation
  • Company risks

Executives Interviewed

  • Nick Papas, Global Press Secretary, Airbnb