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Data Sheet: European Venture Capital Investment Landscape 2017

Skift Research Take

London, Paris, and Berlin have long fought for the “most-funded” crown when it comes to venture capital funding in tech and travel. Download this Skift Data Sheet and find out where the money is actually going.

This downloadable Skift Data Sheet (Excel file) features travel tech funding rounds in Europe ranging from 2010 to 2016. The data includes publicly announced rounds including angel, seed, and series. Our data sheets are fully editable and charts can be filtered to one’s preference. Base data included for each funding round include: city, country, total amount in USD and year of funding. The sheet also includes a list of the 100 most funded travel startups in Europe founded after 2000. The total funding data column in the top 100 tab includes all types of funding the company has received, including loans, government grants, etc.