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Downloadable data, charts and figures on travel markets, consumers, companies and trends.

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Data Sheet: U.S. High-Income Traveler Survey Results 2017

A data dive into the habits of the U.S. High-Income Traveler. What do they value and what expectations do they have from their travels?

2 months ago

Data Sheet: Digital Destinations Global DMO Survey Results 2017

A data dive into the state of Destination Marketing reveals the differences between local and national DMOs and what steps they are taking to adapt to a digital content driven world.

6 months ago

Data Sheet: European Venture Capital Investment Landscape 2017

London, Paris, and Berlin have long fought for the “most-funded” crown when it comes to venture capital funding in tech and travel. Download this Skift Data Sheet and find out where the money is actually going.

7 months ago

Data Sheet: U.S. Experiential Traveler Survey, Topline Results 2016

A dive into the mindset of today's traveler reveals their perception of travel in today's digital world. Exploring the key motivations behind travel draws a picture of expectations and experiences travelers are looking for.

7 months ago

Data Sheet: U.S. Future of Work and Travel Survey, Topline Results 2016

The Future of Work Data Sheet sheds a light into the world of business travel. Diving into the experiences the modern day business traveler reveals their habits on-the-go including connectivity, loyalty, lifestyle, and individual preferences.

10 months ago