Latest Research


Data Sheet: Outlook On Hotel Direct Booking 2017

A data dive into the state of hotel distribution, with a focus on direct booking, examines how branded and independent hotels differ with regards to their practices and preferences when it comes to distribution.


Online Travel

Data Sheet: Ctrip and the China Online Travel Market

As China's domestic and outbound travel markets continue to grow and Chinese travelers increasingly book online, Ctrip and the travel industry as whole are poised for growth. Download this Skift Data Sheet for a glimpse at the Chinese travel market, including a look at Ctrip's financials.



Data Sheet: U.S. High-Income Traveler Survey Results 2017

A data dive into the habits of the U.S. High-Income Traveler. What do they value and what expectations do they have from their travels?


Data Sheet: Digital Destinations Global DMO Survey Results 2017

A data dive into the state of Destination Marketing reveals the differences between local and national DMOs and what steps they are taking to adapt to a digital content driven world.


Data Sheet: U.S. Experiential Traveler Survey, Topline Results 2016

A dive into the mindset of today's traveler reveals their perception of travel in today's digital world. Exploring the key motivations behind travel draws a picture of expectations and experiences travelers are looking for.


Data Sheet: U.S. Future of Work and Travel Survey, Topline Results 2016

The Future of Work Data Sheet sheds a light into the world of business travel. Diving into the experiences the modern day business traveler reveals their habits on-the-go including connectivity, loyalty, lifestyle, and individual preferences.